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We supply and fit a wide range of

Tyres and Batteries for Car, Light Commercial and Agricultural vehicles.

We repair and supply Alloy wheels

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Safety Tips from Dargle Tyre Service

Your tyres are the only contact you have between you and the road. The shape of a tire's contact patch or "footprint" greatly influences its performance and is dependent on its profile or "aspect ratio". Low profile tires (most performance tires) have a short and wide contact patch that is effective in converting the driver's input into very responsive handling, cornering stability and traction. High profile tires (light truck and most passenger tires) have a loig and narrow contact patch which helps to provide predictable handling, a smooth ride and especially good traction in snow.

How to read your tyres information

For information on selecting the most suitable replacement tyres for your vehicle, please click the link.         Reading your Tyre Size

To understand your tyres speed limits, click Speed symbol table

To understand your tyres load limits, click       Load Index Table

The importance of correct tyre pressure    Correct tyre pressure


Your brakes are like tyres, however they ware down unknown to you because you can’t see them. Your braking tends to deteriorate over time. Many people don’t notice this gradual deterioration in performance, leading to safety issues and expensive disc replacements. Have your discs and pads checked when you are having your tyres checked.

Tyre Age

Tyres carry a code on the outer-wall indicating the month and year of manufacture, e.g. 2211. This indicates that the tyre was manufactured during week 22 of the year 2011 (June 2011)

Reading The tyre size Load Index Table Speed Symbol table advice on tyre presure